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Customized Thai Milk Tea Powder. / Based in Taiwan since 1993, Chia-Tza-Teng International corporation is a Flavoring drink powder supplier with FSSC 22000, ISO 22000, HACCP Certified.

Thai Milk Tea Powder - Customized Thai Milk Tea Powder.
  • Thai Milk Tea Powder - Customized Thai Milk Tea Powder.
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Thai Milk Tea Powder

Bubble Tea Powder

Thai milk tea powder has become the mainstream milk tea in recent years. The bright orange-red tea is matched with various spices, strong tea fragrance, and milk flavor, which is different from the typical three-in-one milk tea.

Our Advantages

Our company will launch new products every season. According to the current mainstream of beverages in the market, we add creative elements to make the products unique and innovative. We collect new raw materials, new elements, and viewpoints to create our own unique products for our important customers. Our company can provide samples for customers to test in the early stage of product discussion. It can also discuss product lines and new product development needs according to customer market needs.

  • HALAL, HACCP, DUNS NO., FDA NO., ISO 22000, FSSC22000.
  • Shelf life: 2 Years
  • Storage: Store in a Cool Dry Place
  • Packaging: 1kg / 20 Bags / CTN
  • Place of Origin: Taiwan
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Thai Milk Tea Powder - Bubble Tea Powder | Made in Taiwan Beverage Flavoring Powders for Drinks One-Stop Manufacturer | CHIA-TZA-TENG INTERNATIONAL CORP.

Located in Taiwan since 1993, CHIA-TZA-TENG INTERNATIONAL CORP. has been a flavoring powders for tea and drinks manufacturer. Our main flavoring powders and mixes, including Thai Milk Tea Powder, Tea Powders, Creamer Powders, Flavoring Powders, Jelly Powders, Pudding Powders, Smoothie Powders, Topping Powders and Coffee Powders, which are FSSC 22000, ISO 22000 and HACCP certified.

We are the Beverage & food processing plant with R&D as the core value, custom development, and raw material sales. Committed to the professional manufacture of beverage flavoring powder and product research and development of important roles. We accept the United States FDA Official overseas supplier audit and third notary unit food safety audit, the implementation of food safety supervision and audit, and the introduction of automatic. We provide one-stop service including custom flavor powder formula, custom packaging, private label service. With more than 16 years tea / drink powder manufacturing and production, CTT-FOODS is specialized Products: Beverage Raw materials (Non-dairy creamer, instant flavoring powder, pudding, and jelly powder, topping powder, three-in-one coffee, and milk tea powder.) and manufacturing services (business kilogram packs, sachet bags OEM).

CTT-FOODS has been offering our customers high-quality Tea Powder, Creamer Powder, Flavoring Powder, Jelly Powder, Pudding Powder, Smoothie Powder, Topping Powder, Coffee Powder, both with advanced technology and 16 years of experience, CTT-FOODS ensures each customer's demands are met.