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Professional development of flavored drinks, supplier of bubble tea drinks. | Based in Taiwan since 1993, Chia-Tza-Teng International corporation is a Flavoring drink powder supplier with FSSC 22000, ISO 22000, HACCP Certified.

Professional development of flavored drinks, supplier of bubble tea drinks.

About Us

Beverage flavoring powder supplier and manufacturer

Based in Taiwan since 1993, Chia-Tza-Teng International corporation is a Flavoring drink powder supplier with FSSC 22000, ISO 22000, HACCP Certified.

We are the Beverage & food processing plant with R&D as the core value, custom development, and raw material sales. Committed to the professional manufacture of beverage flavoring powder and product research and development of important roles. We accept the United States FDA Official overseas supplier audit and third notary unit food safety audit, the implementation of food safety supervision and audit, and the introduction of automatic. We provide one-stop service including custom flavor powder formula, custom packaging, private label service.

Chia Tza Teng's Factory
Chia Tza Teng's Factory

Chia Tza Teng is not only a high-specification tea / drink powder manufacturing and production plant, but also an important bulk raw material import trader in Taiwan, mainly importing creamer powder, instant coffee powder, instant black tea powder, instant green tea powder and other important raw materials.
Our factory is located in Taoyuan City, Taiwan, is committed to the professional development of innovative beverage flavoring powder.

To connect with the world, we can assist customers to export customs clearance affairs. In recent years, due to the booming rise of the bubble tea, our company has also accumulated high-quality practical experiences, to help customers export the beverage brand or drink to countries such as United States, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Italy, Germany, Spain, Dubai, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, Singapore... and so on. The channel covers food processing plants, Costco in the United States and Canada, Costco in Taiwan and China, convenience store channel (CVS), and Amazon store platform.

1993Younger International Corporation was established by Chi Ko Chin and Chi ko Liang in Taipei, sanxia.
1997Discover the new trend of the bubble tea market and operate a series of bubble tea products.
1998Taiwan bubble tea epidemic detonated, the first growth of the enterprise, the same time to set up a factory, open the factory and office separately established, the company also moved to Taoyuan City, Daxi District, and at the same time set up a research and development department, began to innovate product research and development, into the professional field.
2006In response to market demand began to develop and manufacture sachet bag specifications, in order to let the enterprise thrive, establish a sound system, separate the factory, officially established the factory in Taoyuan City, Daxi District and named Chia Tza Teng  International Corporation the office moved to New Taipei City Zhonghe District, more efficient and rapid service to customers. In the same year, the factory obtained the professional license ISO 220000 and HACCP Food safety certification.
2008With the rise of the export market, Chia Tza Teng has also gained opportunities for overseas orders, laying an important foundation for export sales. The US and Canadian markets are being attacked with full force.
2013We were successful in securing a tender for an internationally renowned direct sales channel product.
2014Official U.S. FDA Overseas Supplier Audit.
2017The products have obtained HALAL certification and continue to enter the famous chain brand in Taiwan.
2019The products have successfully entered the well-known rotary sushi catering enterprises in Japan.
2020In order to improve the food safety of the factory, the FSSC22000 system was introduced.
2021Sachet bag products entered the well-known chain of mass supermarkets in the United States.
Actively explore the European bubble tea market.
2022The sachet bag products have expanded rapidly overseas and entered the channels of well-known chains of mass-selling supermarkets in Australia, Canada, China and other countries.
LJ Coffee, our own product, was listed on Taiwan's supermarket channel.

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